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Dual Photodiodes - Two is Better than One

  • December 2, 2020

Two is Better than One: Photodiodes

Did you know that most of the electronic equipment used nowadays are powered by several electronic components? One of them is a semiconductor that converts light energy into electrical voltage or current. In our homes and offices, we use laser printers and laser scanners. Up the ceiling, there are smoke detectors. Go out and take a picture using a digital camera that also utilizes this small chip.

Prema Semiconductor’s newly released product series and best-seller, the Dual Photodiode PR5001. It is a dual-element Si photodiode molded into a small plastic leadless optical package. Produced as one chip, the photodiodes offer good symmetry, low dark current, and high sensitivity. This semiconductor device has a PN junction and operates in a reverse-bias condition.

PR5001-ARC version, on the other hand, features an anti-reflective layer, smoothing the spectral sensitivity and providing a good matching from part to part.

Key Characteristics - Dual Photodiode PR5001 /-ARC

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Applications: Photometry, Triangulation Method, Optical Encoders, Alignment of LASER Beams, Digital Cameras

The wideband spectral sensitivity of the dual photodiode PR5001 is 450-950 nm with a peak at 800 nm in its small size package. The silicon photodiodes have separate cathodes and a common anode.

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