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  • January 6, 2019

Chip 1 Exchange is proud to present Littelfuse, a global industrial technology manufacturing company that creates innovative, reliable solutions for a sustainable, connected, and safer world. With over 18,000 associates in more than 20 countries, Littelfuse partners with customers to design and deliver products found in a variety of industrial, transportation, and electronics markets. Discover Littelfuse's long history of providing cutting-edge technology since its founding in 1927 and experience their commitment to driving progress and safety in various industries.

Who is Littelfuse?

Littelfuse is a global industrial technology manufacturing company that specializes in creating innovative, reliable solutions for a wide range of applications. With a presence in over 20 countries and serving over 100,000 end customers, Littelfuse is dedicated to providing sustainable, connected, and safer solutions for industrial, transportation, and electronics markets worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What industries does Littelfuse serve?

Littelfuse serves a diverse range of industries, including industrial, transportation, and electronics markets, by providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

What types of solutions does Littelfuse offer?

Littelfuse offers a broad range of products, including circuit protection devices, power semiconductors, sensors, and more, designed to meet the unique needs of various applications in the industries they serve.

How does Littelfuse contribute to creating a sustainable, connected, and safer world?

Littelfuse's commitment to innovation and reliability enables them to design and deliver products that enhance the safety, efficiency, and connectivity of various applications, contributing to a more sustainable and connected world.

Littelfuse's Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Discover Littelfuse's extensive range of innovative solutions designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of industrial, transportation, and electronics markets. Littelfuse consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation, delivering products that enhance safety, connectivity, and sustainability across various applications, enabling customers to achieve their goals and drive technological advancements across multiple industries.

Partner with Chip 1 Exchange for Littelfuse Solutions

Chip 1 Exchange, a trusted distributor of electronic components, is your reliable source for Littelfuse products. While not a franchised distributor for Littelfuse, we are committed to providing our customers with a seamless one-stop-shopping experience, featuring Littelfuse's wide range of innovative industrial technology solutions. Experience the benefits of partnering with Chip 1 Exchange and gain access to Littelfuse's industry-leading product offerings, all backed by our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

At Chip 1 Exchange, we take pride in showcasing Littelfuse's diverse array of industrial technology solutions, designed to create a sustainable, connected, and safer world. Explore Littelfuse's state-of-the-art product portfolio today and experience the difference that their commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer support can make in your projects.



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